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Why Calico Yacht Charter?

trust experience

Owners Captain Colin and First Mate Sarah have made yachting their career. Together they have welcomed thousands of guests amongst dozens of different yachts in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, New York City, and California.

They bring 10 years of experience and a true love of the ocean to Calico Yacht Charter, and can’t wait to welcome you aboard!

Colin Kurcz and Sarah Leonet Kurcz

Captain Colin Kurcz

Inspired by the freedom that a sailboat can provide, from a young age Colin sought out ways to gain experience on the water. His love of travel and adventure led him to become a professional scuba diver in Thailand, eventually teaching diving in Malaysia, Mexico, Honduras, and the Caribbean.  Ready to further his maritime ambitions, he purchased and refurbished a 30ft sailboat.  As captain, he embarked on a  2000-mile voyage from Honduras to the Bahamas, exploring scarcely visited locations on the Central American coast. Moving on to the professional realm, Colin has worked on yachts small and large, from teen sailing programs to private luxury charter operators.  He spent time as first mate on a 160-foot schooner between New York City, Newport, RI and Bermuda, as well as captaining yachts in the Hudson River.  Colin has sailed nearly every island between the US Virgin Islands and Grenada and is eager to share his knowledge of the ocean with anyone interested.  In 2022 he and Sarah completed an Atlantic Crossing, sailing from Lisbon, Portugal to the island of Grenada with stops in the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. He hails from Thousand Oaks, CA, and is thrilled to be cruising his home waters!

First Mate Sarah Kurcz

Sarah is an accomplished yacht crew both on deck and in the galley.  A proud Belgian, she speaks French as a first language and loves to share her culture with guests.  She brings her friendly touch as a hostess, but handles the lines as an accomplished mariner.  She loves to relate to people from all over the globe, having visited more than 30 countries herself. After studying graphic illustration at university, she embarked on a multi-year voyage, road-tripping across the US, and heading down into Mexico and Central America.  She met Colin in Honduras, where she swapped the road for the sea.  Since then she has sailed thousands of miles as mate, and works on sailing catamarans around the world as a charter chef. When not on the water, Sarah enjoys painting, listening to French reggae and laughing at animal videos on Instagram.
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