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Catalina Island Day Trip

Visit the premier destination for Southern California yachting! Choose either an Avalon town day, or take the yacht to secluded coves like Emerald Bay and others in the north of the island. In Avalon, wander the tiny streets with shopping and dining, or rent a golf cart to explore! Scuba dive the famous Avalon underwater park, or take a safari to view the famous Catalina buffalo. If you prefer to enjoy the yacht all day, we’ll go to Emerald Bay for the crystal clear water and great snorkeling! Paddle boards included to enjoy the calm bays, or sunbathe on the bow! Book a Yacht Rental in Marina del Rey to Catalina!

Things To Do In Catalina Island

Catalina Island Scuba Diving

Southern California is an underwater paradise, and Catalina Island is the best scuba diving in the region. Visiblity of the water is often 50ft or more, and the variety of marine life is rich. Small creatures such as crabs and nudibranchs dot the rocks, while larger mammals such as Seals and sealions are commonly seen swimming through the kelp. Fish are abundant, and the California state fish, the Garibalidi, are everywhere. So good is the scuba diving in Catalina island, PADI used the Catalina underwater park near the casino to film its’ instructional videos. If you are interested in scuba diving during your Catalina day trip, contact us!

Catalina Island Restaurants

Catalina Island has great waterfront dining options! Restaurants such as Bluewater Grill and the Descanso Beach Club Restaurant are directly on the beach. Other places such as El Galleon have been around for a long time and are Catalina Island staples. For a full list of recommended restaurants in Catalina Island visit Time Out’s Best Catalina Island Restaurants and Bars

Catalina Island Golf Cart Rentals

Avalon is a small town, and is the main location for Catalina golf cart rentals. Very few cars are on the streets, so driving a golf cart in Catalina is generally safe. A normal drivers’ license is required for the rental, which can be had for as little as 1 hour, and as long as a week depending on the length of your stay. Don’t expect to drive the golf cart to Two Harbors, but if you’re based in Avalon and want a fun little way to get around, renting a golf cart in Catalina can be loads of fun.

How To Get To Catalina Island

By far, the best way to visit Catalina Island is on a yacht. It is possible to take the Catalina Island ferry, but this ferry only goes to Avalon, where as many of the most beautiful bays on the island are in the north. If you did want to take the Catalina Island ferry, you can go the port of Long Beach where the ferry departs from. Our yachts depart from Marina del Rey, which is an easily accessible central Los Angeles location. For more specific information about our boarding location, visit our FAQ page.
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